Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ludum Dare #28 Update

So the theme for this Ludum Dare was released at 2am last night as 'You Only Get One'. I stayed up late to consider the theme, come up with something and then slept on the idea. 

Alongside me on my desk sits The Game Jam Survival Guide' by Christer Kaitila which I have been churning my way through during this jam. I wont go into specifics on what exactly it contains for now as I plan to do an extended post picking out all the useful points within this book, however it has a proved valuable source in given insights into common mistakes, what to do vs what not to do. I can already see some of the points made in this book beginning to shape my game design.

I highly recommend this book!


Here's a couple of screenshots to show what I've been working on. It's a experimental satirical game that strips down a common game formula commonly used in video games. You can play the day one build of the project here: LINK

Early prototype

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