Monday, 13 January 2014

Mini Ludum Dare #48

The weekend of 10th - 12th I attempted to enter the Mini Ludum Dare #48 competition which had a number of themes to choose from: Facade, Scheme, Conspiracy and Deceit.

The Game:
I attempted to create a platformer that featured all hand drawn scanned in artwork - hand drawn artwork isn't an entirely uncommon visual style for games but it is something I personally have never explored before. Unfortunately I was unable to finish something which was presentable for the jam that meant I didn't submit this entry to the Ludum Dare site.

I struggled with this jam tremendously, feeling particularly creatively drained my work ethic and productivity during the jam weekend was at an all time low - in turn, I gave up on the game during the later hours of Saturday night.

As it stands the game features only 1 playable level with some basic hand drawn shapes for  platforming and aesthetics. I do plan to revisit this visual style another time in the future. The method of getting assets into a playable state was highly time consuming for the type of game I was designing - therefore the type of game using hand drawn artwork was in fact overscoped. If I were to re-iterate this idea I would consider a tile based game which would mean I would be able to re-use same hand drawn assets over and over again.

Mini Ludum Dare #48 - Failed Submission
A link to all the other Mini Ludum Dare submissions can be found here:

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