Thursday, 3 April 2014

Amsterdam Visit, Guerrilla Games

From Thursday 27th - Monday 31st of March I spent my time in Holland, Amsterdam to visit my game jamming buddy and co-creator of Remember the Fallen and other projects, Joe.

Amsterdam is truly a beautiful, artistic and romantic city. It was validating to go outside and step away from the PC for a couple of days – already I have seen a positive impact on my work ethic since taking a break away. I was fortunate enough to have a studio tour of Guerrilla Games and check out first-hand the working environment of the developers. Visiting a well-established AAA games studio was eye opening and I got to meet a bunch of interesting characters along the way.

I met a bunch of industry veterans from Guerrilla who gave me some solid advice upon in-depth discussion in the pub about breaking into the industry on a professional level.  I managed to get a ton of feedback and the importance of various design approaches for specific questions. I asked the question, “How do you keep players hooked in continuing to play your game” – and I learnt from the response I got is that ensuring players are in a state of flow is important. We can refer to my previous research into player focus and flow by Jesse Schell's Art of Game Design for some reference in understanding of this area.

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