Friday, 13 September 2013

Indie Speed Run 2013

All set up and ready to go
As of later today myself and Joe Kinglake will be competing in the Indie Speed Run 2013 48 hour game making competition.

Supplies for the weekend are in, laptop is all setup, drawing pads and paper are out, the entry fee of $25 has been processed and I have my credit ready to hit the 'Go!' button to randomly generate a theme. This should be an awesome weekend ahead!

The main reason I was initially drawn to this jam was because of the awesome lineup of judges that get to play the game that you make. One of my favourite designers judging is Jason Rohrer of the game PASSAGE. As well as many other known industry professionals. Also, if you haven't played PASSAGE, I recommend it highly, his approach to design I find highly influential. 

I'll postmortem analysis the game soon, however it's against the rules to publish the game online until judging starts in October. I'll check to see if writing about it in full detail is allowed, if so expect a post early next week if not sometime early October for a postmortem.

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