Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ludum Dare #27 Results & Response

As of yesterday the results for Ludum Dare #27 were released after a month long public judging session. Here's how my entry "The Saddest Landscape" placed overall out of all the entries submitted:



I was able to place in the top 25 for 3 out of possible 7 categories in a total of 2,213 games submitted:

I am very happy with this result as I feel I have gone above and beyond my previous Ludum Dare #26 result significantly which tells me that I have improved as a designer. I hope to further exceed or par with these results in the next Ludum Dare event in December. I will continue to enter these competitions in the ability to further my game making skills and to hopefully one day be placed in the top 100 games submitted as a long term goal.

I have had some minor online response to the game without sending it out or asking people to play which has been quite reassuring. Someone did a really nice blog post about the game, unfortunately it is in German so using an online translator is required.

Someone also featured the game in a Youtube compilation video of his top 21 Ludum Dare games.

Ludum Dare Result Comparisons:

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