Friday, 28 February 2014

Cyberpunk Game Jam

From the 1st - 10th of March the online game entitled the Cyberpunk Game Jam is taking place. The theme for the jam is this image:

My Theme Analysis

Cyberpunk ideas and theme isn't something that I would normally be interested in but participating in this would be to attempt to do something different and out of my comfort zone. One thing I already like and strikes me about the theme is the neon pinks, greens and blue colour pallet which would be interesting to explore in a game prototype.

We can get an idea of setting and environment from the image by the vastness of build up civilisation that appears to tower upwards - creating a sense of density and over population. Similarly we can establish a great sense of height through harsh expressive vertical lines, alongside the backwards lean of which the main figure appears to teeter over. The figure in the scene appears to be wearing some form of leather jacket, with boots, dark trousers and gloves - connotations of rebellion and anti-establishment could be associated through biker culture and alternative subculture by the dark clothing/hairstyle the figure appears to be wearing.

A sense of urgency is presented by the nature of the falling figures below, it appears that these characters are escaping from something or someone - we can assume that these figures may have run into trouble with the law or perhaps the higher elite. It is clear that the image is not set in the present nor past, but the future by the nature of the human form being merged with what appears to be electrical components intertwined onto the body - appearing on the arm, face and back of the figure. I am unable to grasp the gender of all figures in the image, so this is unspecified. The omniscient presence of the observing figure reminds me of how gargoyles appears to observe from a great height - perhaps giving us an idea of why this figure is here.

I am unable to make out any definable language or linguistics that could give us a sense of culture. I get a very futuristic 'Tokyo' vipe from this image due to the vastness of colour, form of shapes and symbols that run down neon signs and by the way they are presented to peak out of buildings - but this could be anywhere, perhaps even an alien culture located not even on earth.
I am still currently looking for someone to team up with on this one. Intending to make to make something extremely micro. Nonetheless, I will post up my results sometime before the 10th.

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