Friday, 22 November 2013

Charity Game Jam

From the 23rd - 30th of November I will be participating in the week long Charity Game Jam.
I will be working with a programmer who got in contact with me through the Tigsource forums he's from the Philippines - you can follow him on twitter here. We've been in discussion for a couple of weeks now and plan on prototyping a little idea for a simple management game. I'll post an update with more information on what exactly we're making sometime next week.


Jam Rules:
  • Make a new game (or edit some old ones!)
  • Style points for using the theme word TURBO
  • Add the charity button to the main menu
  • Submit it to Nov 23-30
  • Spread the love! Make games for good!

Time for the second annual Charity Game Jam! Last year, we raised fifteen hundred dollars for the Make-a-wish Foundation. This year, we have a quest for you: the CHARITY BUTTON CHALLENGE.

Your mission is simple: take an old game or make a brand new one and add the charity button to your title screen or main menu. You can send players to the charity you personally like best! Whatever has the most meaning for you.

Spread the love! Encourage others to donate to charity by joining in on the fun of the Charity Game Jam, which starts on November 23rd and ends on November 30th. Thank you!

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