Friday, 22 November 2013

Remember The Fallen Response

We were interviewed as part being in the section of winners for the Walking Dead Jam, the following things were said about Remember The Fallen:

"Remember The Fallen begins by presenting you with soldier’s graves. You must find flowers to pay tribute to their deaths in a heavily damaged black and white environment. The game surfaced regularly as a favorite for its original approach to the all out war design brief.

Jaz picked it for a special mention, “simply because it looks so interesting”. He added, “Not quite sure what the game really is, but I think with a lot more work and some really creative thinking, this could be as emotionally engaging as something like Journey. It has all the basics there, and if it can maintain its stark atmosphere but add some visual sophistication, it could be a really intriguing game.”

Brian Huntington, our website overlord, also picked it out as something he enjoyed, and added that if this were to blossom into a long term project, “some narrative elements every time you drop a rose, revealing more of a really simple story, would be super effective.”

A link to our full interview can be found here.

The Youtuber known as 'iDubbzTV' uploaded a video of full gameplay of Remember The Fallen which has played an important role in getting some exposure on the game. He say's some really cool things about the game which was quite motivating. It is always odd watching someone play your game, particularly an unfinished jam game but for the most part he seemed to understand what to do, where to go and what the game was about.

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