Monday, 11 November 2013

Results of The Walking Dead Jam

A couple of weeks back I participated in The Walking Dead 'All Out War' Game Jam along with Joseph Kinglake, our entry has been featured on the Walking Dead site a number of times as an entry that caught the judges attention:

We placed in the top 19th out of a total of 70 games submitted worldwide and were featured on the site again as of October 27th.

As of November 11th the entries were cut to a final 10 of which we were chosen. This meant winning a copy of Unity Pro license, a Steam Greenlight key, the game being exclusively featured on and an article soon to be featured on, as well as a ton of signed walking dead merch and goodies... the post can be found here

We got some feedback on the game from the judges: 
"We weren’t expecting an emotionally-focused game about loss of life during a war to come out of this (even though we suggested something along those lines when illustrating what the teams could submit), but we were glad to get one and we found this entrant to be superbly executed. The music, art style and use of color worked well together in expressing a depressing concept, in a game-like environment. And this one was put together in 48 hours!"

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